Introducing TJ's Riverbank Blend

Introducing TJ's Riverbank Blend

Introducing the newest blend to Big Beaver Coffee, the Riverbank Blend. This Blend will join as the fifth blend in TJ's collection of blends. Here's a couple things that TJ wanted to share!

Rippling Rush 

When choosing a location for his dam, TJ made sure to see how sturdy the riverbanks are. TJ depends on the strong foundations of the banks to support the construction marvel that is his dam.

Radiantly Robust

TJ's Riverbank Blend is a full-bodied blend that is sure to rush your mouth like the riptides of the river. The unmistakable aroma is sure to fill the room when you open this blend for the first time. When you drink this blend, feel the warmth that consumes you.

We hope you get the chance to order and enjoy!

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