Our Roast Profiles

New England

As we enter the first crack of the roast, the aroma of coffee starts to develop as well as the natural flavours of the roast. Coffee is often roasted at this level to compare origins to each other.



Midway through the first crack, the coffee starts to mature beyond the origin flavour as the roast flavour steadily rolls in. This is due to the moisture evaporating and the coffee caramelizing inside.


City Plus

At the end of the first crack, the roast flavour is starting to become more pronounced among the origin flavour of the coffee. The acidity in the coffee is articulated nicely along with the body.

Light - Medium

Full City

Full City sits right between the first and second crack. At this temperature the origin flavours and roast flavours are balanced, which makes this such a popular roast for most coffee drinkers.


Full City Plus

As the roast enters into the second crack, we now enter the dark roast territory. The shift towards roast flavours starts and the acidity in the coffee slowly starts to taper off.

Medium - Dark


For Vienna, the flavours of the roast start to dominate the natural origin of the coffee, diminishing the acidity and creating a bold, full body. The pearly shine of the oil on the beans is now present.



At this level there is very close to no natural flavours left in the coffee and instead the roast flavour has completely taken over. There is also no acidity or brightness left in a French Roast

Dark - Espresso