The 4 Characteristics of Coffee


Flavour is the most subjective part of drinking coffee. There are many natural flavours that are present in different origins of coffee including chocolates, nuts, fruits, and florals. In order to develop your coffee tasting palette, it is encouraged to try coffees from many different origins


Acidity is the brightness that is associated with a cup of coffee. Coffee without acidity can be considered dull and without life. As the roast develops, or gets darker, the acidity of the coffee decreases.


The body is the sensation of the weight of the coffee inside your mouth. Body is gauged by thin, medium, and full. A thin body will feel light of the tongue and quickly dissipate, while a full body will feel heavier on the tongue and linger in the mouth.


The aroma is the discernible scent that the brewed coffee gives radiates. The aroma is closely related to the flavour as the prominent attributes of the coffees flavour will be present in its aroma.