About Us

Hi! We're Kyle & Bianca and together as siblings, we run Big Beaver Coffee Co. When we were in the brainstorming stage starting the business, we knew one thing for sure. We were going to argue with each other a lot. But that didn't matter. The ultimate goal of starting this business was to give us the opportunity to grow and learn together, while having a heck of a lot of fun doing so!  Since we've started, we've learned a tremendous amount about the coffee industry and how to make the tastiest coffee for you! The best part? We get to do it together.


Howdy, I'm Kyle!

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit in me, wether it be from running a lemonade stand, or trying to wash my neighbours windows with water guns. I primarily take care of the backend website as well as tasting and acquiring new coffees for us to offer.  

Hi, I'm Bianca!

I definitely prefer to do the marketing and the roasting of the coffee. Its super satisfying being able to roast and package coffee and get it sent out.

We've had our ups and downs but they certainly haven't held us back. Our first version of our bags came out all in one colour which made them too had to read, but none of those imperfections bother us as soon as we made our first sale. Since then we've redesigned our bags to give them a pop of colour, expanded our coffee offerings, and have the opportunity to meet so many of our customers

Our vision of the future is far different from when we first started. There's so many different roasts, origins, brewing methods, drinks and more that we want to share with. Our goal now is to bridge the gap between what we know, and what we can show you.

(And of course, bring TJ with us everywhere we go)

Thank you for continuing to support us on our journey!

- Kyle & Bianca