Roasted Fresh, Every Order

We specialize in small batch roasting. With our small batches, that means all of the coffee that you order is roasted specifically for you. After you choose your desired coffee, we roast the coffee the way you like it. We offer a wide selection of different roasts along with our recommendations for each coffee.

What Makes Big Beaver Coffee Different?

Fluid Bed Roasting

Fluid bed roasting creates an airflow through the chamber allowing the coffee beans to get an even roast. Hot air flows through the chamber at specific temperatures to obtain a certain level of roast. TJ wants you to know that fluid bed roasting is better for the environment because there is no combustion during the roasting process.

Laser Engraved Packaging

All of our coffee packing is laser engraved versus being printed. This saves just a little bit of ink from being used, which TJ knows makes a big difference.

Ethically Sourced Coffee

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that all of the coffee we sell is ethically sourced.

Meet TJ

Timber Jr. (TJ for short) is a quick witted, sarcastic and adventurous beaver. He loves to travel across the globe, and learn everything there is to know about roasting coffee. He sometimes uses words that are pretty big for such an industrious little beaver.