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TJ's Dark Forest Blend

TJ's Dark Forest Blend

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Courageous Adventurer

TJ's Dark Forest Blend is inspired by his journey through a series of forests so dense that no sunlight could make its way through. After experiencing such an enigma, TJ wanted all well-travelled coffee drinkers to have their own drink The flavor of TJ's Dark Forest Blend is a unique, layered, and complex sensation - a true subset of world-class craft coffees. Rich, savory notes will satisfy and delight even the most demanding palette.

Mystifying Darkness

TJ has carefully chosen coffee beans for this blend that have been expertly roasted dark to reflect the dark forest theme. An assortment of complex flavours gives this blend an exciting taste profile. It's a depth of flavor that's sure to please coffee aficionados and novices alike, as well as provide a unique, lasting coffee experience.

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